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Top 10 Australian Business Listing Directories

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At Bits Web Design and SEO Perth, we recommend creating and maintaining an online presence using the best 10 Australian Business Listing Directories.  Doing this is really important for all businesses.  Having your business listed in the top online directories will help you attract new customers.

Directory listings create citations and links– both of these are really important as they are influential SEO ranking factors. Listing helps to improve your Search Engine Optimisation. As a result, they drive targeted and local traffic to your business website.

Why create citations on Australian business listing directories?

Once you have done the most important step of adding your business to Google Business Profile, you must start listing your business on the Best 10 Australian Business Listing Directories.

Note: Download our easy to use Google my Business Optimisation checklist to help you create your Google my Business listing

By creating citations – listing your name, address, contact number (NAP) and a brief summary about you’re your business can do for your customer, in as many genuine local business directories as possible, you can help your website rank higher organically on search engines like Google.

The best directory listings are those with a high Domain Authority,  and local to your own business (for example Australian Local directories).

Citations on business directories that have a high Domain Authority will improve your domain authority, and your local search performance.

High ranking (with a high Domain Authority) Australian local directory websites with a high domain authority are crawled regularly by Google’s bots.

But what is Domain Authority, and why does it matter?

Domain authority is a search engine ranking score (a score from 1 -100) that predicts a website’s ability to rank on search engine results pages.

Domain Authority is a ranking of your website’s reputation. Google uses your domain authority to make sure you can provide the highest quality content about your specific subject matter.

The higher your domain authority, the better.

Tips for Listing In the Best 10 Australian Business Listing Directories 

  1. Citations should be consistent: your name, address, and phone number (NAP).   They must appear the same on your website,  Google My Business, and all your other citations that are online.
  1. Select the most appropriate category. Have a look at what your competitors are using and go from there.
  1. Fill in as much of your business listing as you can. This includes a Unique Business Description, Social Media Links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram -depending upon your business type), Business Image Logo, 5-10 great photos that showcase your business (made smaller using or similar), Business ABN, and Opening Hours.
  2. Use a spreadsheet to keep your activity organised (as well as your log-ins), and use a preferred login name and password to be entered across all channels.

Which Australian Business listing directories should I use?

Each of these listings has a high domain authority and great traffic from Google, and are capable of:

  • Improving brand awareness
  • Boosting your website traffic almost instantly
  • Building valuable backlinks to your business website
  • And improving your business reputation

Complete as many directory listings as you can for your business. But be sure that they are relevant to your industry.

Here are the Best 10 Australian Local Business Directory Listings, based on Domain Authority ranking:

1.    True Local Domain Authority: 60
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2.    Infobel Australia Domain Authority: 58
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3.    Yelp Domain Authority: 56
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4.    Sensis (Yellow Pages) Domain Authority: 54
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 5.   Hotfrog Domain Authority: 51
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 6.   ShowMeLocal Australia Domain Authority: 50
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 7.   Flying Solo Domain Authority: 50
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 8.   Start Local Domain Authority: 49
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 9.    BusinessListings Domain Authority: 44
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 10. Localsearch Domain Authority: 44
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