Bits about me

I see you are looking for someone you trust to do your website. ( and maybe your digital marketing) Someone who speaks your language and understands you and your Industry.

Welcome! We get straight to the point here…….

So what's under the blue hard hat? (me !)

I have worked in the Construction Industry since 2003. As an Architect, a CAD Monkey (yes, that’s a job title!) and as a Design and Quality Manager. I love design in all shapes and sizes, the big overall picture, and the nitty-gritty details that make things brilliant. I like to zoom in….and out.

Constructing buildings is hard work...........Constructing buildings that stand up is even harder! (handy tip: always use a good Engineer)

It is even better if they are designed properly and do what they are meant to do.

Just like websites, and online marketing. To work well, to do the job, and to look good.

To be fit for purpose…..

What can I do for you?

I build websites and market your website and your business online. So that people find your website, and then find you.

How the parts fit together

Websites don’t sit in a vacuum. Just like buildings. They only come alive when people use them. Otherwise they turn to rubble and are forgotten. People need to find your website, and then you need to get their details. Then you market directly to them. ( don't you wish you knew how to do that! )

What’s in it for you

Why bother marketing and setting things up properly, like you know you should? Cutting corners is for amateurs. Or cheapskates.( nobody likes a cheapskate!)

Digital Marketing, it’s a bit like building, it’s how you put it all together.

You want it properly coordinated.

Nobody wants a giant structural column in the middle of the room......just like no one wants to waste money on marketing that does nothing.

You need all the parts working together to get what you want.


So, if you’re looking for someone who will get straight to the point and give you what you need, you’ve come to the right place.


Call us now on 0400474512.

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“Shaun and Maria did a great job for me. They are efficient , easy to work with, and did what I needed.”

Sean Harvey, Perth Valuations

“It is really easy to work with Maria and Shaun. They really know what they are doing.”

Sanchia Cayzer, Cherry Black Business Builders, Mumpreneurs

“I have really enjoyed working with Maria. She has made the experience really painless. She is easy to work with!”

Ian Astbury, Astbury Painting
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