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Construction Digital Marketing

Build you most important marketing asset, your website, and make sure it is found easily online

Construction Website Design

Has it been so long that you can't even find the login password to update your website? Time to sort it out....

Monthly SEO

SEO is like fitness, it has to be done regularly - find out how...



You need a decent construction website, preferably one that can be found.... on page 1 of Google.

Because you're busy doing your own job, you don't really have time to figure out Construction websites and SEO.

You’re a bit embarrassed that your construction website looks like it was made last century.

About your Construction Digital Marketing

Construction Websites

Our focus is on Construction Websites & SEO in Perth. Besides, we build your website like you create buildings – with attention to detail. It’s a process that starts with a concept, and a design that turns into a live website.

You should (of course!) choose us for your Website Design and SEO because we understand and have been part of your Industry - get your Web Design and SEO done by a professional who understands Construction.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most importantly, we build Construction Websites to be easy to find - because there is nothing more useless than a website that can’t be found.

Is yours one of those? ...... because it doesn’t have to be.

Make your website visible to those who are looking for it with Search Engine Optimisation. It's organic search, organic just like everything should be!

How do we build Construction Websites & SEO that puts money in your pocket

Bits Web Design and SEO Perth design & build Construction websites with the end in mind - websites that rank high by setting up our websites from the beginning to be easily found by Search Engines. Rankings turn to traffic, which turns to lead, which turn to customers.

Our SEO Strategy is about understanding what people are searching for online, to find answers they are looking for, the words they’re using to find what they want to know about, and the type of content they wish to see.

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