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Bits about you, the Construction Business Owner:

You need a decent website, preferably one that can be found.... on page 1 of Google.

You’re busy doing your own job, you don't really have time to figure out websites and SEO.

You’re a bit embarrassed that your website looks like it was made last century.

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Why choose a WordPress website?

Around 3o % of the internet is run on WordPress

This means, should you ever decide to move on from us at any point in the future you can take your website with you and there's a 90% chance that any competent web developer will be able to help you.

There are tons of step-by-step guides  (Just ask Google!)

There is so much support and help available for WordPress. It's the best in the world at what it does. It's hard to beat its simplicity.

This is why we recommend it and why we fully believe it's the best platform from which to build websites - certainly for small business.

WordPress is great for SEO

WordPress allows you to easily customize each page for SEO.  You can create unique title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs that are optimized to the keywords your potential customers are searching for.

WordPress sites tend to have fast load times that can be made even faster. Crawling WordPress Sites is easy for Search Engines,  because they have a simple framework and link structure. Search engines are familiar with WordPress websites, so  it’s easy for Google’s spiders to find your web pages, index them, and rank them.


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How are you going to drive traffic to your construction website?

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How do you get the construction website you need?
September 28, 2018

How do you get the construction website you need?

The design of a great website starts with asking good questions. The most important question you can ask is: what is the purpose of the website? what do I want it to do, what do I want to achieve? What do I want my customers to think, feel, do? A website is a tool, and … Read More

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