You are currently viewing Don’t. Make. Me. Think.  A common sense approach to Construction websites for the year

Don’t. Make. Me. Think.  A common sense approach to Construction websites for the year

How are you doing so far this year?

I’m sure you have a lot of goals for yourself and your business, but what are your website goals for this year?

Do you have any?

Maybe you want it to help you make money, but how?

Does each page on your site have a goal? If so, does the goal of the page also support your ultimate website goal?

Your website goal should be one thing, and one thing only:


Let’s take a look at your website goals and independent page goals and consider these three points.

1. Who are your visitors?

What content and tools will you need to help or convince them to accomplish that page’s goal?

For example, you want them to sign up for your free estimate.

What content and tools are you using to motivate that action? Are you providing them with a sample of the offer? Do you make it easy to opt-in or do they have to jump through hoops?

2. How does your visitor navigate your site?

When someone visits your landing page, where do they go next?

Is it where you want them to go?

Does it support your goal?

Use your content and determine the path your visitor takes. Each piece of content on your site should influence an action that ultimately leads to your goal.

Suppose you want to someone to sign up for an estimate appointment.

Each piece of content, form and promotion on your site should lead to that goal. Take a look at your flow of information and the path your visitors take when they’re on your site. Does their path support your goal? When adding or removing something on your site conflicts with your goals, don’t do it.

3.Include a call to action with each website page.

Articles, videos, forms – everything needs to have a goal that supports your end goal. They need to have a call to action that supports your site’s purpose. Don’t expect your users to know what they’re supposed to do next. Tell them.

Finally, make sure to respect your user’s time. Boring them to death with an endless process isn’t going to win you any friends. If you want them to sign up for an estimate, make it as easy as possible.

Make. It. Easy.

Analyse each page of your site and determine if it supports your goals or takes away from them.

If your website is hard to use, then no one will want to use it.  Help your visitors and they will reward you by converting into new leads.

May this be your best year yet!