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Why should your construction business have a professional website?

According to a recent Digital Australia Report done by Ernst and Young, Australians spend 10 hours a day on internet connected devices. Almost a quarter of the people surveyed said they spent more time on their phone than talking to their partner, and almost 40% said they would rather conduct transactions over the internet than by phone or face to face.

Here are the top 3 reasons why every construction business should have a professional website.

Online, it is where your customers are

Everywhere you go, on the train, on the bus, before meetings, getting onto airplanes, people are constantly looking at their phones, and sometimes their tablets and laptops. They are interacting online with someone in a distant country, on social media, looking up things to buy, booking their latest holiday, and a million other things. Everyone is online, for a very large part of the day. If you are not online, how is anyone going to find you?

Your website is the centre of your marketing universe

Your website is the cog that holds all your digital marketing efforts together, you own it and you control it. It is your place to say what you want. It is the place where you can tell your story as you want to tell it. It can give you exposure to everyone that is online.

A website gives your business credibility

It is assumed that your business has a website, and if you don’t, why not? This is the 21st Century. Your business gains credibility as a business by being online. Most people look up a business to find out more about them.

Have you ever been to networking events where you are given a business card without a website address on it? Have you been impressed or a little annoyed as really wanted to find out more about them? You want to make it as easy as possible for people to find out what you can do for them, and for them to find you, before they find your competitors.

A website is essential to your construction business. It is online, controlled by you and gives you the credibility you need in front of a large audience.

Don’t sit there staring at a blank screen, the time to get your website started is now!

Every minute you waste, is another minute your customers are finding your competitors first.

And just remember, without marketing you have not customers, and without customers you have no business.

Check out the Digital Australia Report done by Ernst and Young here: