Here are the website solutions that we provide Construction and mining companies.

Website Creation or Redesign

Starts at $10-15K

Not only will Bits Web Design your website be dynamic and responsive and designed to fit the screens of all smart devices, you’ll see a substantial boost in your online presence.

Website Maintenance

Starts at $799/mo

From regular oil changes to frequent servicing, car needs to be looked after so it always work at its best. Your website works the same way. Without giving it proper attention and maintaining it well, your website can become extremely vulnerable without you realizing it. With regular website maintenance, you can rest assured that any vulnerabilities will be prevented.

Web Development Retainer

Starts at $945/mo

If you anticipate needing additional web development for your website on a monthly basis, a set amount of development hours will be a perfect fit for your company. These retainers are ideal for post-launch and live websites needing ongoing project support.

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