Portfolio Mobile App

for Builders and Tradies

Update your building portfolio on your website, get reviews, get found on Google -all from your phone with a click of a button

What does the Portfolio App do for you

All with one click of a button!

Updates your portfolio

Your latest work will always be online

Gets you found online

Your website will rank higher

Gets reviews easily

Get your reviews as videos and text

You don't have to be Tech savvy to use Portfolio App!

Don’t you wish you could update your building portfolio on your website, get reviews quickly, and get found on Google easily– all from your phone with a click of a button?

Now you can!

Here’s how:

  1. Download the Portfolio App
  2. Take a few before and after photos
  3. Write a few words about the job
  4. And press GO!
  5. Project is on your website, just like that!
  6. Job done.

All YOU have to do is take some photos, write a few words about the job, and press GO! Done

The Portfolio mobile app makes it quick and easy for you to create a portfolio of completed jobs on your website with

  • before and after photos (taken with your phone),
  • a written description about the job,
  • text and video testimonials directly from your phone from your job site, and
  • a project map with your jobs pinpointed on Google maps

The App lets you put the info together on your phone, and with a click of a button it

  • uploads your completed job as a new page on your website, and
  • adds to your completed work portfolio and to the project map.

Why is this a great idea for a tradie and builder:

  • it makes building and updating your work portfolio really easy as it can be done from your phone entirely
  • It is great for getting testimonials of your work from happy customers when you are at your worksite
  • your ranking is higher in local searches as your projects are located on Google maps
  • It is great for being found on Google because each time you add a project you add a new website page.

What do you need to get this:

A website that uses WordPress ( if you don’t have one, we can build you a WordPress Website!)

What we do for you:

  • Set up your website so that it speaks to your phone Portfolio App and shows your projects on Google Maps
  • We add Projects from the past to your website that you have never added before.
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