Frequently Asked Questions about Websites and SEO

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AT Bits Web Design & SEO Perth, we like our clients to be informed as possible, and to understand how we work. Have a look at the following questions, but feel free to contact us with anything you would like to know about us and our Website & SEO Services.


Who designs and develops the websites?

Your website is designed and built by us in Perth WA. We do not outsource anything internationally.

What do I need to supply to get my website built?

You need to supply your login details to the back end of your existing website. Photo or images you would like to include, brochure or fliers, or any other marketing material you have already produced for your business. Your logo and the colours, and font your business uses.

Do I need to give you images?

Yes. If you have images that are unique to your business, such as your staff, products, premises, or anything else, then you do. Give us all the relevant images you have, we can manipulate images with Photoshop easily. We also offer stock images as part of the packages if required.

When do I need to pay for my website?

Before work begins, 50% is paid upfront. 50% is paid on completion of the website, before it is launched.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes we do. Come speak with us

Can you help me with a domain name?

Yes. We can purchase on your behalf and it will be owned by you. The cost will be charged back to you.

I don’t have a logo, can you help me?

Yes, we can help you by referring you to an awesome graphic designer.

How do I update my website?

Your website is built using a CMS Content Management system, WordPress, that is easy to update yourself.

How do I access the backend of my website?

Once the website has been launched, we will issue you with two logins, one administrator login and one that isn’t.

Can you maintain my website for me?

Yes. We would love to.

What do I need to do to maintain my website on my own?

You will need to keep your site secure, regularly  backup your site, keep software updated ( WordPress CMS) and keep you content updated.

Can you show me how to update and maintain my website?

Yes. We will spend 2 hours once the website has been launched, to show you how to update it.


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